Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-21 & SB Prep

I knew that eventually I would find a use for this tool and it was today:

The good old Handee Clamp! To get the rollover bar brackets on you have to insert two AN4 bolts into the abyss. There is no way you can get your fingers near the outboard bolt to get the nut on and so I’m now feeling very smug about my Handee Clamp which I haven’t used up until now.

I went through the rest of the section and hopefully found all the remaining parts to prep for the big join-up. At the same time I prepped the parts for the tail cone SB which has to be done while we can easily (!) access the bulkhead in question.

Completing the SB will involve getting the tail cone on its side, drilling out a few rivets and then attaching the reinforcement brackets on either side of the bulkhead. For me this means moving the forward fuselage out of the workshop onto the drive so that I can get the tail cone up on the bench. Hopefully, when the fuselage goes back in, it will be ready to join and sit on sawhorses until I decide if a rotisserie will be worth the hassle. I’m thinking it will as I don’t have a great deal of room left with the wings in their cradle.

We will have to be a bit more organised….the result of getting every tool out…

2 Comments on "Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-21 & SB Prep"

  1. Coming along nicely!

  2. First rule of a craftsman, never have more than ten tools on the bench. I have to put things back exactly where I find them otherwise I cannot remember where I put them.

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