Aft Fuselage Attachment 30-01 to 30-03

This feels like quite a milestone even though there is still a long way to go. First we needed to complete the SB which proved easier than I was imagining. We decided to put the tail cone on the floor and it was relatively easy to get my old, stiff body inside and attach the reinforcement clips and buck the rivets for the reinforcement plate.

Even managed a tail cone selfie….sorry if I scared any young children/pets. Clips on the bulkhead joined to the stringers and doublers on the central stringer.

Job done. It is primed under there Ian!

For the big join-up I needed to do a fair amount of shuffling and so the forward fuselage saw the light of day for the first time.

The instructions for the join are very good and I highly recommend getting adjustable sawhorses. Of course, we didn’t have any of those so we managed with blocks of wood, carpet etc. With a bit of jiggling and moving of sawhorses we managed to align everything; it just suddenly popped into place.

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