I have always had an unhealthy interest in aviation which has really shaped the direction of my first 55 odd years on planet earth, or slightly above it for about 11,000 hours of those 50 ish years.  I joined the RAF at the age of 20 and left (retired..) 18 years later.  I have flown various fixed and rotary wing types, military, civil and a few without engines.  I now fly helicopters for a living along with a good few hours of desk aviation – management was inevitable.  I have been incredibly lucky to have flown almost continuously for 35 years.

I still love the feeling of getting airborne and fly for fun when I can.  I hold both fixed wing and rotary professional licences and have a peculiar fascination with all things IFR.  The change in LAA rules means that the likes of the RV14 will now be ‘certified’ for flight in IMC which opens up a whole new world to amateur aviation.  Having spent the last 20 years dreaming of owning a 170kt aircraft, the dream is slowly becoming a possibility, rivet by rivet….