Baggage Area

Baggage Area 32-08

The last words of Chapter 32 say “if you are going to paint the cockpit, now is a good time”. Well, I am going to paint the cockpit (why wouldn’t you?) so I need to…

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Baggage Area 32-05

Both baggage bay floors complete. The pneumatic rivet puller was a godsend, I don’t think my wrists would have coped with the manual puller. I had some help as apparently this job is really satisfying!…

Baggage Area 32-04 to 32-05

Felt like back to basics with dimpling and priming of the baggage bay floors. Space is getting a little tight to say the least. The last couple of holes couldn’t be reached with the squeezer….

Baggage Area 32-01 to 32-03

First task is to trim the UHMW inboard and outboard bushings. I’m not sure what UHMW is but it’s pretty tough stuff. I used a centre punch to scribe the cut lines on the block…