Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-18 to 29-20

With fellow builder Steve snapping at my heels having completed a set of wings, tanks etc. in the same time that I have got this far, we pushed on with getting closer to the great fuselage join-up. When I say we, luckily Ian (RV6A builder and pilot) very kindly came over to help with some of the trickier riveting. It’s a lot easier and more fun with two!

First job was finishing the Root Fairing Attachment angles.

I had already completed the necessary additions to the Seat Back Brace so it was time to attach it to the fuselage along with the gussets and intercostals.

There were a couple of tricky rivets inside the longeron although we managed to squeeze most of them. The tricky ones involved the small tungsten bucking bar and self-sacrifice!

The Bulkhead Bar Assemblies are also reattached at this stage and the nuts torqued to the required value.

The bolts on the upper and lower drag fittings also require the nuts to be reinstalled and torqued. It was at this stage that I realised the lower AN6 bolts require a torque of around 21Nm. Neither of my torque wrenches can achieve this so it’s off to worship at the church of Amazon again.