Roderz takes flight

My first go at aircraft ownership hasn’t been a smooth journey but eventually about 4 weeks ago we got Roderz (RV3A) airborne with its overhauled engine. Big thanks to Tim for his exceptional engineering prowess and Neil for doing the first test flight. It has really lived up to expectations and is everything and more I was expecting from this little aeroplane. With its new engine and an extra 10 HP its a little fighter and climbs at just short of 3000 fpm. I have taken it to Longside, Fife and here’s a great shot by Wallace Shackleton of Roderz at a farm strip in Kirriemuir.

Wheel spats and leg fairings will go back on next week. The reduction of around 10kts in speed has been quite handy while I get used to him. It takes a bit of forethought to slow it down.

2 Comments on "Roderz takes flight"

  1. Looks great Chris, you lucky thing! Look forward to seeing you in Shropshire : )

  2. I have the route already planned Steve via Carlisle. Just need the weather.

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