Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-18

Having spent the summer sorting out the RV3A its time to get building again. Time to attach the web stiffeners which is an easy riveting job with the squeezer. It would have been even easier if I hadn’t missed separating and priming these parts when I went through the chapter a few months ago.

Next is the wing root fairing fixings. These have to be fluted to follow the line of the rivets. The plans give you some hints but they really didn’t tally up for me. The plans instruct you to leave two nutplates off the upper attachment. I would suggest leaving the following off as well because you have to get a pop rivet gun in to set the CCR264SS-3-2:

I drilled out the rivets and removed the nutplate as it is easy to reattach after setting the blind rivet. You need to use a wedge as well as the horizontal flange will still get in the way when you try to set.

One of the first two rivets near the spar attachment is really easy with an extension:

Here’s all the fairings once I found the small piece inside the plinth of my pillar drill…

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