Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-19

I have jumped forward as I need to do some priming of parts for the wing root fairings that I missed when I tried to do all the parts in one go – typical.

29-19 completes the seat brace. There is a mistake on the plans I think. In the image below it asks you to machine countersink F-01405K. The material is too thin and in the text it asks you to dimple which makes more sense. Just beware as all the parts have the same number with a different letter suffix.

The seat guides need to be separated and shaped…once you find the black PTFE stock on a black plastic shelf!

Once all the parts are riveted to the main brace you blind rivet the seat guides to the brace. It asks you to countersink the PTFE with a #30 100° bit. I found that the deburring tool was ideal for this purpose.

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