Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-07

Jumping forward again until I can get some priming done. I separated the Cowling Hinge Shims and then moved onto fabricating the cowling hinges. There are 2 lengths of piano hinge supplied with the fuselage kit, one aluminium and the other appears to be stainless steel. I had read on another blog that the builder had cut the wrong one so I was careful to check the measurements. Vans just say 1/8th piano hinge but I couldn’t find what this relates to.

Anyway, correct material selected and hinges fabricated.

Yesterday I completed the drilling of the lower engine mounts and lower longeron and doubler. I shimmed these up with wooden blocks so that I could use the drill press, you don’t want to elongate the holes on these. I used my digital level which beeps at zero degrees to check that each time I moved the work, it was still square.

I needed to dig out the side skins and took the opportunity to trial fit the left skin. It looks huge. What is impressive is how everything lines up and it really feels like an aircraft now. Felt quite emotional…

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  1. This is awesome Chris. Good to see the progress…it shows the benefits of just plugging away, doing a little (or a lot) every time you can.

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