LAA Wiring Course

Go on a wiring course they said, you’ll learn loads and get a trip to Englandshire. So, the LAA Wiring Course was booked and travel arrangements made. I live 10 minutes from Aberdeen airport (pay attention as this fact will be important later) but I couldn’t get any flights at a reasonable cost or time so a 2 hour drive to Inverness was in store. The flight down, hire car collection (the brightest Fiat 500 as I spurned their upgrade offer), trip to B&B was all uneventful. A solo trip to the local in Silverstone for a pint and fish and chips was all very agreeable.

Next day, after a minor navigational error we all met at LAA HQ for the day’s fun. Attending with me were a couple of fellow RV14 builders so it was a good chance to catch up. I was beaten in terms of journey time and distance by one of the chaps who had just driven his A380 from Johannesburg.

The course is a mix of theory and practical and was really useful. Crimping, soldering and some natty bundle lacing were all tried during the day.

Look, two lights a switch and a CB….

A pleasant evening with the other 14 aficionados and then next day an easy trip back….

Good old EasyJet, airborne early from Luton and 1 hour later we are landing at Inverness except, Inverness is the only airfield in Scotland that is fogged out. Two approaches and we are on our way to Aberdeen. I decide to stay onboard as I have seen the TAF and the fog is forecast to clear. After a couple of hours, we depart for Inverness but the weather is still pants – 300m RVR. One failed approach followed by 40 minutes of holding and then another miss and we are on our way back to Aberdeen…..except we aren’t. EasyJet Ops have decided to send us to Glasgow.

Long story short, we arrive in Glasgow to be met with confusion and disorganisation by SleezyJet. Apparently coaches have been ordered to take us to Inverness (3.5 hour drive) and we are given a whole £3 for refreshments. A group of 3 fellow travellers soon identified each other as the kind of people who aren’t going to wait to see how this pans out. A raid on the hire car centre and we are quickly in possession of a Mercedes Vito 8 seater. Two more £20 tickets are sold, and 6 intrepid EasyJet victims on on the way North through the Scottish mountains (pitch black) arriving at the airport at 2130. Another 2 hours on and I am at home. Total door to door time, 16 hours.

When am I doing the next course, not for a while!

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