Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-05 to 29-07

I had jumped forward a couple of pages as installing the Control Column Assembly required a good run of patience. It involves bolting one side to the bearing bracket after inserting a set pattern of washers.

Inserting the washers through the gap between the control column assembly and the bracket took dexterity, patience and a good deal of bad language. I suspended the washers on a piece of blue tape and moved them sideways into the gap. Once one side is torqued up you do the same on the other side but add washers and shims in order that there is no lateral movement but movement is frictionless. I took a guess at the amount of washers but until you have them on the bolt it is quite difficult to judge if you have closed the gap. Needless to say, as you retract the bolt to insert a new shim, the others tend to fall off. Got there eventually.

With this job done, I got on with trimming the smaller longerons. The only way to do this is with a Dremmel and mine got pretty hot. The end result after deburring was quite pleasing though.

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