Fwd Fuselage Structure 28-05 to 28-07

All the joints have to be sealed with Proseal which takes a little planning. I used a syringe to put the required 1/16″ bead around the floor panels and the curved parts of the Muffler tunnel. The whole assembly is then lifted into place and cleco’d. The Cover Base are then back riveted to the floor panels.

On Page 28-06 it states that page 28-05 and 28-06 should be completed in one session. I had read ahead but didn’t see this. This hint should be on page 28-05! The firewall sides are blind riveted to the Muffler Tunnel sides – nice easy job for once. There are a couple of holes on either side which seem to have no purpose; I can only assume that these are tooling holes. None of the other builders’ blogs have anything different.

The Tunnel Angle is riveted to the bottom skins and firewall sides.

Next the Cowling Hinge Shims and Cowl Attach Plates are riveted to the firewall sides and bottom skins. Easy riveting with the squeezer but the instructions say to use AN426AD3-4.5 but these are too short and after a couple of rivets I changed to AN426AD3-5 rivets. This may be due to the layer of Proseal between the sides and skins.

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