Aft Fuselage Attachment 30-06 to 30-08

In my last post I was managing a dislocated shoulder and thought that was a bit of a nuisance – little did I know what was already happening thousands of miles from rural Scotland. Anyway, here we are and it is what it is. On the plus side I now have a resident riveting partner as my eldest son has moved back to get out of the city. So, we are all healthy, still employed (3 key workers in the household) so we have little to complain about.

After months of inactivity we managed to get going again this afternoon and it was good for the soul. We are finishing off the fuselage join. I had intended to build a lower cradle so we could get in and out of the fuselage but there is now little chance of a timber delivery so we are making do with the fuselage on the saw horses. Luckily I now have someone a bit fitter than me to get inside the fuselage. We tried some of the final upper fuselage rivets from outside looking through mirrors but in the end gave up. I cut some plywood and with a few planks from the shipping case, H climbed in. Job done in no time at all.

The upper fuselage connection is now complete including these tricky little critters.

So we are all done and now just need to connect the lower half…tomorrow’s job in splendid isolation.

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  1. Jonathan Morgan | 19th April 2020 at 9:01 am | Reply

    Good to see you back at it sir!

    I look forward to Steve’s and your posts which will provide an invaluable source of information for my build which plan to start in a couple of years when I retire.


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