Aft Fuselage Attachment 30-08

Before lockdown I was hoping to buy some timber to make a lower cradle for the fuselage but I now put this in the category of an unnecessary journey for a delivery driver even if it is still possible to order. So, it’s out with the stepladder and a huge regret that I didn’t take Rosie’s Pilate lessons more seriously.

Getting in isn’t a huge issue, manoeuvring once in and then getting out requires some flexibility that I’m seriously lacking.

You need to have everything you are going to need otherwise you have to repeat the exercise again and again…I know.

Less about gymnastics and more about building. The baggage bay ribs have to be riveted to the bulkhead which is a little awkward but achievable with careful positioning. Luckily the lowest rivet is a designated as a blind LP-4 in each rib as there isn’t enough space for gun access. Use of a wedge on the pop rivet gun is required.

On one baggage rib on each side I had to reverse the direction of the blind rivet as there was no room for the gun due to the stiffeners on the tailcone floor.

This one is round the ‘correct’ way.

Tomorrow we rivet for the final join…

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