Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-09

The #30 holes are final drilled common to the side skin, centre section and upper drag fitting.

The centre section side plate, skin and the upper and lower longeron assemblies are removed (there is a lot of fitting and refitting in this section) and the centre section is then countersunk to accept the dimpled side skin.

Parts of the skin have to have a radius formed and also the edges have to be broken to help them lay flat when joined.

The upper and lower longerons are countersunk…there are a lot of holes.

Finally it is time to dimple the skins once you have established the required pattern. My mind doesn’t do reverse symmetry very well and this took a lot longer than it should have.

I’m now officially at capacity in the workshop and the only place left to place the dimpling table is on the floor. I have stretched some muscles that haven’t been used for a while.

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