Fwd Fuselage Structure 28-04

The Muffler Sides are riveted to the floor panels after adding some gloup (Proseal) to keep oil sludge out of the cockpit. I back riveted the sides on which was successful but messy. Next the Muffler Ramp needs to be riveted to the side panels. It only takes 470AN3 rivets but the stainless steel is thin and easily dented. Some builders say that they squeezed these which filled me with joy but I could not get any of the yokes to fit in any direction due to the angles of the sides against the tops. So, I had to hit them with the gun which was fraught with danger. I managed one side with a couple of dings but despondency set in when it came to the last rivet. It was impossible to get a bucking bar in the narrow space. Having formed the advert in my mind to be published on AFORS that evening for a part finished RV 14 and the inevitable stories of failure I would need to tell everyone, I went out and took it out on the grass which should have been cut 3 days ago.

I returned today and finished the job with a new sense of determination. I decided to drill the final hole to size 4 and blind rivet the little sucker. Job done. Only I will know and it beats selling everything! Tomorrow, more gloup in various places – face, hands, door handles etc.

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