Fuselage 25-02 (cont)

Vans expect a bit more of you in the first few pages of the fuselage chapter as only one side of anything symmetrical is shown. The ribs in the image are all identical apart from the outer which is from the set of the opposite side. My tiny little brain has been struggling with the mental image of this and a lot of double checking has taken place hence the slow progress. Some of the dimpling is different on one of the set of ribs to accept a larger nutplate – just got to make sure you get the right rib…

Progress has been slow due to work as well as brain power. Apart from a very busy recruitment campaign, I have been presenting with a colleague at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh. Nice to have a change away from the North Sea slog and to be asked to talk about a subject I am passionate about. If only they were interested in home building!

Not your average lecture theatre or meeting room either:

Next task will be to get the aft fuselage out of the way. I have got a hoist kit which will at least get the tail cone out of harms way. Just need a day when it isn’t snowing or blowing a gale to get the wings outside so I can access the only remaining space in the workshop.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading through your posts. Thank you.

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