Aft fuselage wiring

Had a go at riveting the aft lower skin to the bulkheads but decided it was all too difficult on my own.  Screwed up one hole which I had to use a MK319 blind rivet in as I had slightly enlarged the hole when I drilled the rivet out.  Will get my inspector to take a look at this and can always use an Oops rivet if needs be.  Until I get some help I carried on with finishing up the wiring and static systems.

I decided not to use the Van’s static kit and am going to install the much neater Cleaveland Tools system.  First job is to install the static vents which involves using the step drill to make 0.5” holes in the side panels.  I don’t like the step drill particularly if it is freehand but this worked okay.  another builder suggested using JB Weld to stick the vents in so that is what I did.  Took a while to get the EkoPrime off with Scotchbrite which is reassuring.

Static vent

The Cleaveland system has really nice snap joints which I shall add to the pipe work when the epoxy has set.  Just realised that I will have to cut the tie wraps off the electrics when I route the static pipe forward – not the worst mistake today!

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