PA28 flying – video

While I’m building the 14 I have taken a share in a PA28 based up in Longside (EGPS) near Peterhead in the depths of NE Scotland. Longside was a Spitfire base during WW2 but now only has 500’ of useable runway left. The runway is pretty much East-West which the prevailing wind very rarely is! This makes it a great place to fly as it concentrates the mind in any kind of crosswind especially in the Warrior. The pipes you see on approach to 10 are used in the offshore oil industry and they maintain a clear path (ish) for a rejected landing area on runway 28. Just for fun, they use a crane every now and then as well.

I have been playing around with a video camera and iMovie just for a bit of fun and I might use this on the build in future posts although I can’t stand the sound of my own voice hence the cheesy Apple soundtrack.

I should get on with some building rather than playing around with this…

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