Aft fuselage 10-05 to 10-08

This section requires the VS (fin) to be retrieved from storage in order that the rear bulkheads can be aligned and some holes of varying diameters are match and final drilled through the bulkheads into the VS. It was at this stage that I realised the Cleaveland Tools RV14 kit isn’t quite as a comprehensive as I was lead to believe as you need a #11 drill, and strangely a 17/64” bit as well. Quick order from LAS Aero (£12 for 2 Cobalt drills…) and the job was done.

The next job is to dimple the #40 and #30 holes in the flanges of the bulkheads. The bulkheads will be riveted together, face to face which means that one bulkhead has a flange at an obtuse angle and the other an acute angle to match the line of the skin. This isn’t a problem for the flanges with an open angle as the squeezer yoke will fit with a normal female dimple die. However, the bulkhead with the closed angle flanges creates a problem in that the dimple set won’t fit inside and would deform the flange if you tried to squeeze it. Solution? I had a spare female die which I ground the edge off on one side so that it would fit the closed angle – job done. This maybe why Cleaveland sent me two in the original tools package.

I’m now working through the next few pages in order that I can deburr as many parts as possible before a giant priming session. I’m thinking of a plastic greenhouse that will fit over the back workshop door to spray the larger parts like the stringers etc. Amazon has the very thing although temperatures are now dropping in the North of Scotland so it may not work.

Vans has told me that my slow build fuselage kit and quick build wings will ship in November so they will conveniently arrive at Christmas; a lot earlier than was originally scheduled. Space is going to become an issue….

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