Elevators 09-18 to 09-26

The elevator marathon continues. The rear spar and riveting has been passed by my inspector and the now the root and tip ribs have been riveted.

Front spar riveted along with shear clips and stiffeners. Quite awkward and managed to slip off once with the gun.

Managed to reach most of the 470 rivets with the 4″ yoke and they set quite nicely.

Trailing edged cleaned with MEK (floating round the workshop roof for a bit). Double side tape applied and attached to lower surface on both elevators. Make sure you remove the backing on the correct side for the RH elevator as is it has an angled root! Ask me how I know..

Tape being left to set overnight before glueing in the foam ribs and riveting the trailing edge. Proseal day tomorrow. Finished the trim servo mount, ready for wiring the Molex plug once my crimping tool has arrived from RS Components.

Trimmed the counterbalance weights with a combination of a reciprocating saw and chisel. There is a wide variety of tasks involved in the construction of the elevators.

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