Progress (lack of) and baby RV

A distinct lack of progress lately due to a litany of excuses. I have an increasing pile of metal awaiting the lovely priming progress but unfortunately due to a decreasing pile of motivation, I haven’t ventured into the new spray booth to get it done. It’s outside and Storm Fanny (whatever) is now raging.

Excuses? First, I am in the process of changing jobs after 16 years with the same employer; this has been a significant distraction. Secondly, I have an innate ability to just hibernate during the Scottish winter – I don’t cope with the lack of daylight being a soft Southerner. Thirdly, I have been massively distracting myself by convincing myself and significant others that I need a fast, tailwheel aeroplane to fly to be ready for the mighty 14. Yesterday I resolved this distraction and here she is:

Hopefully, to be collected in Jan/Feb. More RV3A details and distraction to follow…

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  1. You’re allowed to be distracted with all that’s going on! And actually, the RV3 is part of the RV14 project isn’t it? … honing your taildragger skills. I only wish I’d gone and bought the thing!

  2. Hi Chris, I’ve followed your excellent blog with great interest. I’m a retired military/ airline pilot, I may well end up building a 14, though I’ve always imagined it would be an RV7. I realize you’ve come to a grinding halt, which is a shame. I’m currently renovating an old classic sports car, and am only just managing to avoid a similar predicament. It’s very common, which is why one sees so many unfinished car restorations for sale. They’re much more difficult to put together than to take apart! I believe you may have met my old friend from Elgin, Rick Phillips. I hope you don’t mind me pointing out was that the Vans you’ve recently acquired, G-RODZ, is a 3, not a 3a. I know it was advertised as a 3a, but that was an inaccurate description. All Vans models (except the 12, which only has a nosewheel) are either plain numbers with a tailwheel, or nosewheel versions which have the same number with an A. I hope all this doesn’t sound too picky, I expect you’re probably aware anyway.

  3. Darn it! You beat me. I hope you didn’t pay the price Andy Twemloe was asking. My brother and I own a -6 and a -3 will fit nicely in the last space in the hangar. I’m not a builder per se but happy to do most jobs. If you don’t take to it please let me know.

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