Section 26 – gear brace bars

Gear brace bars and brackets dimpled and countersunk. I think the drawings are a little misleading here and you have to be careful to read the instructions carefully as the diagram could lead you to dimpling or countersinking the wrong side.

I was hoping the prep is nearly done but then I remembered I hadn’t touched the floor skins so a happy afternoon of removing blue film on one side and the more intricate soldering iron work on the bottom side of the skin.

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  1. Been following this blog for a couple of days now from the start (after seeing C4 “Flying across Britain with Arthur Williams” – hearing of a couple’s plane that had great cruise performance then using G-INFO to find out it was an RV8, then drooling all over the vans website 😉 )

    I get all sorts of feelings though – I don’t think it’d be outside of my capabilities but looks interesting, daunting, exciting and scary all the same time!

    Can’t help notice soldering iron work though? Aluminium is notoriously tricky to solder so was just curious 🙂

    I think it’d be a dream of mine to build an RV14 (its the one I’d choose, or the RV10 for a bit more capacity) but I think the cost will be the deciding factor eventually… It’d sure beat the c172 rentals and get something kitted out to your own spec though… I’ll dream along some more LOL


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