Aft fuselage 10-27 continued

Aft decking

Aft decking installed with the help of Hamish.  We used the squeezer for as many of the rivets as we could and used every single yoke and combination of set possible!  We had to set a few with the gun that couldn’t be reached with the squeezer.  Overall, we were reasonably happy with the results but I’m glad this section is over – too many awkward rivets.

Aft deck

Earlier on I had replaced the Molex pins that had come away from the loom.  I could only find them in 100s, so I now have 96 spare!  I siliconed the plug to prevent water ingress and also to stabilise the pins.

Molex plug

The plug then sits in its own space on the aft deck.

The other wires (not sure what they are for…) and phone cable are then brought through the systems hole and are secured for later.

Nearly there, just need to prep the side skins, prime and then a giant riveting session.  People ask if I have a time target for the aircraft but I don’t. I have enough targets to reach elsewhere so I don’t want G-CRVC to become another.  However, psychologically, I would like to finish the empennage kit before the middle of March as that will be a year since the kit was delivered. We will see…

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