QB Wings & Fuselage kit delivered


After a couple of days battling with HMRC to get my crates released from the docks (Customs officer who didn’t know his own regulations), my Quick Build wings and slow-build fuselage kit arrived today.  I was prepared for the crates with extra pairs of hands but without a tail-lift on the truck, we would not have got the fuselage kit off the lorry.  Vans gives you instructions in advance as to how to get the wings out and this was the easy part.  They went straight into the cradle although I will need to shorten the carpet sling as they are at a bit of an angle at the moment.


Next up was unpacking and starting the inventory. The QB wings kit was quite straightforward but the fuselage kit will take a couple of days. Space is at a premium now and the mountain of packing paper has to be seen to be believed.

There are lots of Gucci bits of kit with the order like fuel valves and sticks.  Here is Will trying out the RV-14 sticks.

Now I have to work out what to do with the crates, the wing crate is massive. This contained the flaps and ailerons.

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  1. Jealous! We’re getting there with the fuselage now, QB wings are next on our list…looks like you’ve made incredible progress on the empennage since we were last in touch, great stuff!

    • Thanks Emily. Still a long way to go. Welcome to Scotland as well! I tried to comment on your blog but it thinks I’m a spammer…Turns out I know Derek Murphy who I think maybe a relation. If you’re on the East coast, let me know, free landing at Longside.

      • Thank you so much! Sorry not sure what’s going on with commenting on my site, I’ll have a look at it. I had no idea you knew Derek!! Thank you, we have a new year’s resolution to land everywhere in Scotland that’s feasible in the Mooney, so will definitely be heading over as soon as the weather clears up up here (plane is still at Biggin as there’s no hangarage at Oban for now).

  2. We only have 500m of tarmac so I don’t know if that is a bit tight for the Mooney.

    • Ah yep could be a bit tight – it’s theoretically fine but it’s quite a floaty plane so I’d probably want to be a bit more practised than I am now before attempting it. We will definitely be over to the east coast though. Keep up with the blogging, I am trying to get back into doing mine more often now we are back to building regularly! Hopefully have fixed the comments issue now too.

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