Aft fuselage 10-14 to 10-16

Aft fuselage wiring

So that I could prime the side skins and the aft lower skin in one go, I got on with finishing the aft lower skin.  For the tailwheel version, a slot has to be cut to accommodate the tailwheel spring holder.  I have seen a few ways of doing this but went my own way!  I photocopied the plan from the drawings and then aligned it with the holes in the lower skin.  I actually cleco’d the drawing on to ensure alignment. I cut the slot roughly with the bandsaw and then finished it with files – both vixen and needle files.  It turned out well.

Lower aft fuselage

I also drilled the 3/4” hole and 9/16” hole.  I used the step drill for both.  The 9/16” is 14.3 mm and the step drill is near as dam it.

Next up was some wiring placement which needs to be fed in between the LH stiffener and the bulkhead. I put all the bushings in the bulkheads and then fed the rudder cables through.

I took the opportunity to scuff-up the tailwheel spring holder ready for priming as the powder coat wasn’t great and this will be exposed to the elements.

Tailwheel spring holder

I wanted to test fit this on the lower aft skin along with the rearmost bulkhead. I think it may require some trimming of lower aft skin so that when bolted on, the spring holder doesn’t touch the skin.

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