Priming – first go

It had to happen and after much consternation I got going with priming the VS parts.  I have absolutely zero spraying experience so this was a voyage into the unknown.  I had purchased an Iwata AZ3 HTE2 Water/Solvent Spraygun from Sprayguns Direct who were very helpful.  They suggested a 1.5 nozzle for use with the Stewart Systems EkoPrime and I used it undiluted.  First results were good although more by luck than judgement!  I applied a thin coat then after about 5 mins went back over with another coat.  After 2 hours I flipped the parts over and sprayed the other side.  Prep involved a scuff up with a Scotchbrite pad then a clean with EkoClean, applied EkoEtch and then washed off with distilled water.  It seems to have stuck well and I’m pleased with the results.  I ordered Charcoal Grey but they sent Smoke Grey, hence the light colour.

Iwata AZ3 HTE2 Water/Solvent Spraygun

Iwata AZ3 HTE2 Water/Solvent Spraygun

The good thing about using a water based primer is that cleaning up is easy which is a bit of luck as I managed to spray one end of the workshop with a fine coat of Smoke Grey – curtain required before next episode.

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