End of an era, the start of another

You may be wondering why there hasn’t been a post since September. Well, I came to a crossroads with the build and I had done nearly everything I could with what I had. The next stage was to buy the finishing kit, firewall forward kit, avionics and engine. I was struggling to find the time with the build due to being exceptionally busy at work and this was making the build less than enjoyable as I felt constantly under pressure to finish it. So, I made the decision to sell. I have learnt a huge amount from this build and I have no regrets. The kit has gone to another builder in Scotland and I look forward to seeing G-CRVC fly in the near future.

In the meantime I have the RV3 to fly which I love and I have kept my tools for a retirement build. I think it will be an 8….

Another project I have been working on has been an aviation business directory and classified site. I’m really enjoying the challenge of getting it up and running and it would be great if you could give the site a visit and maybe list something. The code SAVE10 will give you a discount on anything you purchase. You can find it here:


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  1. Sorry to hear it ended this way. Take a look at Sling for your next build. The site looks good. Suggest making everything free for the first year. Until you get critical mass you are going to struggle. Once you have critical mass you are set fair.

  2. Chris sorry to hear your build has ended. I have had my RV14 Empennage kit 2 years, yet to start riveting, built a purpose made spray tent last year in the garage after reading your experience with spraying. How’s the arm by the way fully healed now? Hopefully this is the month to spray and start riveting. Good luck and fair winds in your other projects.

    • Thanks Peter. I have kept all my tools so will definitely be back to building something when the time is right. My shoulder is good thanks. There is never a good time to spray anything!

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