Baggage Area 32-08

The last words of Chapter 32 say “if you are going to paint the cockpit, now is a good time”. Well, I am going to paint the cockpit (why wouldn’t you?) so I need to make the cockpit more accessible. Climbing a step ladder with a spraygun in hand isn’t going to work so the fuselage needs to be lowered. Some builders have made very elegant “rotisseries” but I really don’t have the space.

So, I made a dolly from one of the boiler room doors I took down to fit the fuselage in. A next day delivery from Amazon of some reasonable sized castors, some 2 x 4 carpentry and I have a fuselage sized dolly.

The fuselage is now accessible and I made a start in masking off the areas where I don’t want paint. I’m going to use Stewart System Eco-Crylic in Smoke Grey, the same colour as the primer. As this will have to be done in the confined space of the workshop, the Eco-Crylic is a little more friendly than other two pack paints.

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  1. Thanks for this site. I am preparing the buildings to give me space to build an rv14. Due to COVID and Brexit there is no commercial aviation for me but I have plenty to do.

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