Leaving the Republic

Yesterday, I and RV6A builder and owner Ian managed to slip the surly bonds of earth and escaped across the border without being intercepted by Queen Nicola’s COVID-19 fighting wing. A lovely trip to Fishburn just South of Newcastle. We flew South in what we like to call formation but is more like same way, same day. Ian got some great shots when I closed up.

My better side?

Fishburn is a lovely little airfield with an interesting grass runway. Interesting as it has distinct slopes interspersed with small plateaus. Luckily we were on 26, the uphill runway. The RV3A is so much more easier to land on the grass and we arrived without making a fuss.

The airfield has a fantastic bistro called the Aviator and even in the new normal COVID times we had a lovely lunch. What with self-service Avgas that is 50p per litre cheaper than our home field, a £5 landing charge (payable online with the Aero Ops app), Fishburn is well worth a visit.

Self-service Avgas – really handy
Contemplating the £100 burger

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