Fuel System 31-04 to 31-11

Another chapter, another set of tools. The spade and ring connection need to be crimped onto the fuel pump wiring so taking some advice from a fellow RVer I purchased some asymmetric crimpers and the job was done.

The filter is now attached to the pump. It’s an NPT connection so some pipe thread sealant is required. I used some reassuringly expensive Loctite 567. There seems to be a lot of cheap Chinese copies of most forms of Loctite on eBay but seeing as this is the fuel system I decided not to risk it.

Once connected (I just nipped it up tight by hand) the assembly can be screwed onto the fuel pump brackets. An elbow is then attached to the fire wall and sealed with Proseal as with anything that passes through the firewall. I had forgotten what lovely stuff fuel tank sealant is. Fellow RV14 builder Steve had noticed that the plans were incorrect at this stage and that the elbow should only be clocked by 5 degrees. I did the same as Steve and connected the flexible fuel line to the pump at this stage so that I didn’t disturb the orientation of the elbow when connecting it later.

The side skin elbows are also attached but not tightened.

The next few pages are taken up with bending the rigid fuel lines to shape. I have cheated here and bought some prefabricated pipes from TS Flightlines in the USA. They fitted like a glove and have saved a lot of heartache and probably more tools!

Once everything is connected, the fuel line brackets are added and the job is done. Just to keep you on your toes in what should be a straightforward job, tightening up the nuts on the bracket bolts is decidedly awkward.

Of course, tightening up the unions on the wing root elbows and at the fuel valve is impossible with an ordinary open ended spanner so another visit to the web and a set of crow foot spanners are on their way.

At least these two unions were easy.

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