Fuel System 31-01 to 31-02

Waiting for my riveting partner to finish a run of shifts, a key worker out there keeping the North Sea oil and gas rotary fleet flying so I thought I would progress with anything I could achieve on my own – the Fuel System

First job is to separate the fuel line brackets. An easy job with the bandsaw and then cleaned up with the vixen file followed by a quick buff with a Scotchbrite wheel.

The fuel line brackets are then blind riveted to the cover ribs ready to accept the fuel pipes. You need to use a ‘wedge’ as some of the brackets are quite hard to get the pop riveter on to.

The outboard brackets require a small washer so that you can reverse the direction of the rivet and put the shop side on the bracket.

Finished job:

Next job is installing the fuel selector valve. Some riveting required first.

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