Fwd Mid Fuse Side Structure 29-15 to 29-16

This section requires you to go back and forth between the pages to get the riveting of the side panel in the correct order. The arm rests are one of the last parts to be attached.

The centre section channel is blind riveted. It was at this stage that I found that my pop rivet gun was already way past its best. I think the Cherry Rivets saw for the jaws. I wasn’t able to source new parts so Amazon Prime delivered a new high quality German one the next day. Bending the centre section channel was a non- event and it fitted snuggly.

The arm rest must be joined to the Fuselage Side Rib to the F-01405D-L Bulkhead Side Channel. It is pretty difficult to get a squeezer in there and the only the gun will do. I used my very useful extension set to be able to get on the manufactured head. Blue tape to prevent too much scratching of the primer.

Last job for the left hand side was the flap brackets. Not the easiest thing to do on your own but luckily I have long arms! You need to be careful which rivets you leave around this area. Reading ahead it becomes obvious that some of the omissions are blind riveted hence the spacing hole. Now repeat for the RHS…..

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