Fuselage 26-08 to 26-11

Tonight I added the F-01405 bulkhead to the Inboard Seat Ribs. Once this is done a bulkhead angle is match drilled and then riveted to the bulkhead. Although it shows where not to rivet this angle, it only mentions to rivet in 2 places. When you look at the drawings it seems you should rivet the angle and the seat ribs to the bulkhead in total.

In the end, I can see no reason not to set all the rivets which is what I did!

The outer seat ribs are riveted to the F-01405 bulkhead. Well, they would have been had I not mistakenly already put rivets in these holes. I’m getting good at drilling out. No harm done.

I had already separated the idler brackets and prepared the VA-146 bearing flange. It was relatively easy to rivet the brackets together to form the Idler Bracket Assembly.

The idler assembly is then riveted to the Bulkhead Angle.

That’s this part complete until it is mounted to the bottom skin. The bottom skin is generic and common to the taildragger and tricycle undercarriage versions. For the tricycle version, the undercarriage is mounted through this skin and therefore there are extra nutplates etc. The holes for these have to be filled with rivets.

The pencil is pointing at another three nutplate holes. The drawings don’t say to fill this set so I haven’t. It won’t be too difficult to do later if need be.

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