Fuselage 26-02 to 26-07

A goodly amount of construction now and the section is looking like a bit of an aeroplane. Lots of stiffeners, routing angles, nutplates and brackets for the seat belts to be riveted to the seat ribs. I used a combination of the squeezer, gun and c-frame back riveter to accomplish the various rivets.

Steadying the work is important if you are using the gun. Some thought required with these ribs!

I couldn’t get the squeezer to work on these crotch strap brackets so I very carefully used the gun to set the 470-4 rivets.

Doublers applied.

Routing angles attached.

The ribs are bolted and riveted on to the bulkhead. You need to calculate the torque for the stiff-nuts. Torque is added Van’s figures to overcome the static friction of the nut. I calculated an overall torque of 4.11 NM which is 36 in-lbs. There is a little bit of educated guesswork here but the figure feels right when nipping up the nuts.

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  1. Good stuff Chris … love your clamp steadying geometry with the blocks of wood : )

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