Aft fuselage – cable guides

Rudder cable guide

Whilst waiting for the apprentice riveter to recover from his hangover (kids…), I got on with the rudder cable guides. These have to be countersunk which I did by hand as it isn’t critical, just sufficient to sit over the side skin dimples – if you have remembered to dimple the guide outlets in the skin. Cue a lot of clecos being taken out.

Countersinking cable guides

The guides are then blind riveted to the side skin – put the cable through first.  There are two thicknesses to the guides so when you rivet the thinner part, the shaft of the rivet tends to snap leaving a small part protruding.  I have seen other builders with this problem and it nearly did the same with me.  I just drilled out the remaining shaft so that it was flush and on the other side I added two washers.

It will be painted so it won’t show.  We then got going with riveting the side panels.  Quite a few awkward rivets around the stiffeners and along the bulkheads.  Definitely a two man job, photos to follow.



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