Practice projects complete

All projects complete and quite a few lessons learnt!  Now waiting for the workshop to be signed off so that I can get started on the vertical stabiliser.  The hardest element so far has definitely been riveting with the gun and mushroom head.  Twice I have slipped off the manufactured head and dented the skin.  I think that riveting with the gun is definitely a 3/4 handed operation. Shaping the leading edge is not easy either and I will take a good deal more time setting up on the kit itself.  Overall, the section looks okay, my inspector will give me the verdict.  Tools to order:

  • Speed deburrer
  • More cobalt jobber drills (first one blunt already)
  • A better way of connecting the compressor
  • Trailing edge drilling jig

I think I have decided on a primer from Stuart Systems – EkoPrime.  Emailed them last night and got an immediate response on a Saturday!  Looks like you need EkoClean and then EkoEtch before the primer is applied.  They distribute through Aircraft Spruce which I should be able to get through LAS. I have built a frame from the empennage crate to spray onto but need to screen off the end of the garage.

Vans Practice Project

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